Deshkan Ziibiing Anishinaabe Aki Chi-inaakonigewin 2020-07-27T20:08:58+00:00

Deshkan Ziibiing Anishinaabe Aki Chi-inaakonigewin

The Chi-innakonigewin is for the people of Deshkan Ziibiing Anishinaabek Aki. It presents a statement of who we are and roots the governing of our Nation. A universal life way that promotes harmonious ways of respecting and acknowledging creation, respecting our mother the earth, women, children, elders, men and youth with the teachings of the seven grandfathers passed on by our ancestors: Zaagidwin, Mnaadenmowin, Nbwaakaawin, Aakdehewin, Debwewin, Gwekwaadziwin and Dbaadendiziwin. It is our Anishinaabek identities and values that will be rekindled and in turn will empower our Nation to be self-determining and distinctly autonomous.

Anishinaabek governance structures have always existed. It was these arrangements that sustained us as a Peoples. They were complex systems that respected and acknowledged every member from the children to the elders of our communities. Under the current Indian Act arrangement, we have become complacent with an imposed system of governance. Why should we be told how to take care of our own people? Why should we even begin to think that a colonizers fixed order is what is right for our people? Why should we ignore the turbulent histories the settler government has with the Indigenous Peoples of this land? It was community member Stella Burch that replied when she learned that COTTFN is moving forward a Chi-inaakonigewin of our own “we are finally ready to grow up are we?”